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La Tausha Wade

La Tausha Wade,
Transformational Life Coach Therapist
Social Services Consultant

La Tausha Wade is faith driven, family oriented, passionate life coach with deep conviction. She intentionally  lives life on purpose. Born in San Francisco's Bayview District and raised in East Oakland, CA she realized the divine call on her life to motivate, inspire and equip others to live their best life in 1996.

In 2000, she consciously embraced mental health advocacy, while mastering psychological and holistic healing techniques. In 2001 she was certified as a Family Support Specialist and began professionally life coaching in Contra Costa County. 
La Tausha quickly pinpointed the destructive barrier to healthy parenting practices in her families as unhealed complex trauma. This truth propelled her to obtain an additional State of CA certification in Crisis Counseling. 
Upon receiving state certification, she continued to coach families in Contra Costa County and began providing trauma informed counseling and support to sexual assault survivors in Alameda County.
In 2003, La Tausha founded a mindful, Christian daycare and preschool, where she intentionally partnered with Children and Family Services to provide a trauma informed educational experience to underprivileged children. 
La Tausha believes that the home environment is the foundation for shaping healthy kids. With this core value in mind, she empathetically provided the parents of her students with life skills, communication tools and resources to further promote health in their homes.
In 2014 La Tausha received a Professional Life Coaching Certification from Fowler International Academy, in 2016 she received a certification in Motivational Interviewing from UC Berkley School of Social Welfare. Today she is continuing her education in mindfulness, psychology and criminal justice; while providing individual therapy and life coaching in private practice and with Bay Area non-profit partnerships.
La Tausha leads by example and is respected for her ability to empathetically grasp truth, while cultivating wisdom based solutions to complex problems.  She is intentional, unapologetic, passionate and inspiring.  She captivates her audiences with the truth of her own testimony and triumphs through life adversities. Her firm belief is that “all things are possible and that the very best is always yet to come.” 
La Tausha is married for 19 years and counting. She is the mother of five children ages 18, 15, 13, 10 and 5.


CA State Crisis Counselor Certifcation


Professional Life Coaching Certification


Motivational Interviewing Certification